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Annual Report

Read our 2012 Annual Report and learn how World Connect is helping women and children around the world.
Person knitting.
Village women collect water.
School girls reading.
Children posing for camera.
Children posing for camera.
Children playing.
761 projects funded in 13 countries with $3,250,591.52 awarded

Discover Projects:

Training for Health Workers in Saare Cole Saly District

This project will result in the training of local health workers (ASCs) in the Saare Cole Saly Health District...

Training Talibes

Talibes is a word used for street children in Senegal. The Talibes beg for food and basic necessities daily. T...

Community Health Workers and Health Murals

This project takes place in the communities of Thiawando and Keur Katim Diama, Senegal. Community health worke...

Duterimbere Soap Making Cooperative

Duterimbere is a women-led, soap making cooperative that recently formed in Nyagihanga Sector, Rwanda. The pro...

BCES Garden for the Future

Bayawan City East Central School (BCES) is committed to teaching its students about organic gardening, or more...

Barangay Recycling Project in Mercedes

This project will take place in the town of Mercedes in the Philippines at San Roque Elementary. It aims to cr...

BELIEVE Project, Part II

Ecocentro Eutopia is an NGO located in Reque, a rural sector of Peru, which developed a curriculum with World...

Developing the Capacity of Successful Women Artisans

This project is a collaboration with an all-women association that was created in October of 2012 in the commu...

Establishing Recycling in the Schools of Santa Cruz

Currently, the area of Santa Cruz, Ica in Peru has no solid waste management program or services. Community me...

Recycling Project at CEBE Santa Cecilia

CEBE Santa Cecelia is a school for students with mental and physical special needs, ages 5-21 years old. At th...

Building a Brand: Women-led Artisan Chocolate Business

This project operates in Buenos Aires in Peru with the Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Buenos Aires (ASD...

Nedi Neswi Women’s Economic Opportunity

This project is a collaboration with Nedi Neswi, a women's center in the town Tissint in Morocco. Women in thi...
OUR MISSION:World Connect improves the lives of women and children in the developing world by empowering local leaders to drive change in their communities, impacting health, education, economic opportunity and the environment. In the process, we inspire young Americans to think and act globally and philanthropically by engaging them in our partnerships and our projects.