Health and Sports for All Kids

2009 El Salvador
Health and Sports for All Kids
Project Description

A Salvador Health Committee made El Instituto Nacional Ernesto Flores (INEF) more prepared for emergencies, giving classes on First Aid, Emergency Preparedness, creating an emergency action plan (which includes evacuation routes and plans), and health charlas (lessons) every few weeks as hydration and nutrition. A $500 grant was awarded from World Connect’s Kids to Kids program in 2009 to compile the necessary emergency response and teaching supplies. Overall, the health of the students improved and INEF was more prepared for emergencies. Funding also supported the youth sports committee in learning to play volleyball and strengthening their soccer program, which includes a girls team – a rare occurrence here. The group started intramural sports between the various “high schools” and programming encouraged kids to stay away from gangs. The students from the school will now take their new knowledge and skills back to their homes and share with their families and siblings. The school is now the center of organized extracurricular sports that involve several surrounding schools.

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El Salvador

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