Goat Rearing as an Income-Generating Activity

Year: 2013
Country: Kenya

This project will launch an income generating activity, based on raising and caring for goats, for a group of volunteer community health workers in Njabina village. This particular group of community health workers has been volunteering time and money to ensure the community’s health since 2011. They recently graduated from a one-year government-training program on maternal and child health and are actively focused on decreasing the number of women who choose to give birth in the home as opposed to in the community’s health center under the care of trained medical professionals. Their income-generating activity will revolve around selling goat milk, which is in high demand in the region. Income generated will be distributed amongst the community health workers, used to purchase more goats, and deposited into a group savings account, so that the group can provide loans for families dealing with extreme poverty or other difficult circumstances.