Bay View Academy (RI) – Candy Gram Fundaiser, 2010

As we started the Kids to Kids club in my freshman year at Bay View, we wanted our first fundraiser to be interesting and engaging. I put a lot of thought into what might work well in an all-girls school and we came up with the idea of a candy gram fundraiser. Basically, students could fill out a message box and send that message to a friend attached to bag of candy for one dollar. It was great to see a bunch of kids filling out message boxes at lunch and laughing about whom they wanted to send messages to.


Pretty soon, the Kids to Kids club was filling hundreds of bags of candy and delivering them to recipients all over the school. We had a blast and the girls really loved the candy! However, candy can be expensive to buy, so I asked a local store in my area if they would be willing to donate a twenty-five dollar gift card so we could buy candy for our project. The manager loved our story and she gave us the money. All we had to buy was the ribbon to attach the message to the bag of candy and the sandwich bags.


- Lauren

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