CPCS Middle School

CPCS Middle School

This is the second year that Community Partnership Charter Middle School is participating in Kids Connect. The group of dedicated 7th and 6th graders have decided to support five specific projects over the school year. Each month they will focus on one project in order to learn more about the country and issues being addressed within the project. At the end of each month, they will hold a fundraiser specific to each project in order to raise awareness and funds in their local community.


The students are supporting projects in Cambodia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. In Cambodia, they are supporting the launch of a baby food business that aims to improve nutrition and infant health in a rural community. In Costa Rica, the students are supporting important beach cleanups in order to provide a healthier environment for both animals and community members. In Ecuador, they are supporting the launch of a sushi microbusiness, which will equip young women with business and entrepreneurship skills. In El Salvador, they are supporting cooking workshops for a women’s group and in Nicaragua, they are supporting a nutrition and maternal health initiative at a local health clinic.


To raise funds and awareness for the projects, the students teamed up with the culinary club to host country-specific cooking competitions as part of a year-long "Chopped Challenge" series. Focusing on China, El Salvador and Italy, the students made unique culinary dishes specific to each country, using it as a platform to discuss various cultures around the world. The students also sold refreshments at the school's 1st Annual International Women's History Month show, where several of the school's dance clubs performed in celebration of women's rights and empowerment.


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