Cranston Johnston Catholic Regional School (RI) – Dress Down Day Fundraiser

Attending a catholic school means that all students have to wear uniforms and that is exactly what I had to do for nine years of my life. I liked my uniform, but I always looked forward to dress down days at the end of every month. On dress down days, you could escape the uniform and wear your normal clothes to school. It was fun and exciting and everyone enjoyed the opportunity to express themselves in school.


At the end of eighth grade, the graduates had to do a service project and I was stuck for a while on what to do. I had heard about World Connect’s Kids to Kids Program from my mom and fell in love with the organization. I knew that I wanted to help World Connect by doing my service project for them, but I still did not know what to do. I remember sitting in class one day and during a moment when the teacher had stepped out of the room I heard one of the students ask when the next dress down day was. When his buddy told him that the next dress down day was not for another two weeks, the boy sighed and complained that there should be more dress down days during the year. BINGO! I had found my service project.


I went on to organize a dress down day during the middle of the month where students could pay two dollars to dress down an extra day and all of the money raised would go to charity. I even asked local business owners if they would match the money that was raised. One business matched our funds up to one thousand dollars! It was a great way to supplement the money that we raised at school. If you go to a school where uniforms are required, I would highly recommend holding a dress down day fundraiser.


- Lauren

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