Sage School Great Coin Race 2015

Sage School Great Coin Race 2015
For the 5th year in a row, Sage School (K-8) students hosted a Great Coin Race, where they collected spare change over the course of one month. In addition to a $300 donation from the Junior Division's recent school play, and a $250 matching grant from a local Insurance Company, the students raised $1,170!


During Spring 2015, the Sage School supported two projects in Cambodia: Kampot START Reading Program and Experiments at Prey Sandeyk High School. The Great Coin Race raised $1,170 to help create a reading program for primary school students, as well as a Science and Medicine Club for high school students. Both of these programs provide educational opportunities for Cambodian students, and help promote girls education, which aligns with a greater federal initiative orchestrated by Michelle Obama and the Peace Corps called “Let Girls Learn.” According to the initiative, 62 million girls around the world are not in school. Countries with more girls in secondary school tend to have lower maternal mortality rates, lower infant mortality rates, lower rates of HIV/AIDS, and better child nutrition. In Cambodia only 54% of female adolescents complete their last year of primary school, which prohibits entry into secondary school. Thanks to the continued hard work of Sage School, as well as the tremendous community support, students over 8,700 miles away in Cambodia now have increased access to education opportunities.


Over the past five years, Sage has raised nearly $6,000 for World Connect projects around the world!

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