Wayland High School Movie Night Fundraiser

After a year leading a great group of enthusiastic members involved in the Wayland High School Kids to Kids Club and having monthly meetings and a few smaller fundraisers, we decided it was time to organize a larger fundraiser for the Sprint of 2010. We wanted to target and spread awareness about World Connect’s Kids to Kids program to an audience we had not previously connected with: elementary school-aged kids. This is how we came up with the idea to have a movie night at the local elementary school. The idea was that showing the movie “Where the Wild Things Are” would attract kids to come to the event with their families and that we could use the opportunity to teach them about World Connect.

The event was a huge success! We had a table set up outside the “theater” (the school cafeteria) with food to sell, a donations box, posters and information sheets, and an official membership sign-up sheet. It was great to see so many young kids getting excited about the organization and signing up to be members! Not only did the elementary school kids become interested in the Kids to Kids program, but many parents also were very engaged and showed their support.

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