"Art for Peace" is a movement in Costa Rica that teaches youth the power of peace and non-violence through different art forms such as painting, photography, theater, dance and poetry. Kids to Kids is proud to have supported many Art for Peace projects in Costa Rica throughout the years. Recently, one amazing group of kids in Costa Rica, supported by a Kids to Kids Grant Award, participated in a Regional Art for Peace Conference with other kids from around the country. They learned about non-violence through creative workshops with other youth and won "best dance" at the conference!

These inspiring kids didn't stop when they returned to their community. They brought what they learned through Art for Peace back to their community and utilized their Kids to Kids Grant Award to plan, design and create a large mural in the center of town, celebrating and sharing their experiences. The mural is beautiful - have a look for yourself (see below)!

This Art for Peace project has motivated more local kids to get involved and even caught the attention of the national media in Costa Rica!! You can watch the news segment (in Spanish) about the project, including interviews with several of the participating kids here. VIDEO: Art for Peace in Costa Rica