This past December, Kids to Kids had our final grant review of 2009. Around 15 kids participated in reviewing grants, putting final touches on our new website, giving out and receiving awards, and looking at success stories from previous projects we have sponsored. We started out the meeting reviewing 68 grant proposals from El Salvador, Costa Rica, Belize, and Dominican Republic. The projects varied from art camps, to vegetable gardens, to chess clubs, and more. After spending time carefully reading and rating the grants based on their relevance to our goal, amount of fun, and several other factors, we picked 57 to sponsor with Kids to Kids Grant Awards. This was extremely exciting because it was our largest grant review yet!

The grant reviewing group also watched a slideshow where we were able to look at success stories and pictures from previous projects that Kids to Kids sponsored in 2009. The stories were a great way to wrap up reviewing the grants, and to motivate us to continue sponsoring as many projects as we could. The slideshow also included an introduction to our new website ( Together, the group put the finished touches on the website, which is now up and running!

Finally, some members of the group received awards such as Newcomer of the Year, Best Fundraising Event, and Best Communicator. Our next grant review is on March 5th, 2010 and we hope to review and sponsor just as many grants as we were able to in December!

--Sarah, a founding member of Kids to Kids