The Ashoka Youth Venture Summit was such a great experience. Everyone there had started such interesting projects and ventures they had started! One group created their own non-profit called "Hives for Lives". They sell honey from local bee hives in PA, and the proceeds go to cancer research! They are beginning to expand all over the country starting in CA.

Another project I thought was really impressive was a non-profit in New York City that transported food from the farmers market to make it more accessible to other people. This allows people in NYC to eat organic food more often. This sounds like something easy to start up, but the two girls who started this organization hit a lot of roadblocks on the way. It was amazing to hear how successful they became despite the challenges they faced!

Hearing about other amazing projects really inspired me and gave me great new ideas for Kids to Kids. Hopefully more and more kids will get involved and start clubs at their schools!