12/16/10 - Fundraising events are a powerful tool for young people to raise money to support World Connect projects; but how do you get more people involved and raise more funds? Since I first got involved with World Connect, I have organized many fundraisers and raised over $4,000. However, not all of this money has come from my planned fundraising events. I enjoy writing letters to family members and friends asking for support; they are always eager and willing to help. I have also been lucky in asking local businesses to support my ventures. I know that it may not be easy to go around and ask for money, but the key is to be confident and assured that people want to help you, and not turn you away.

In order to be successful in reaching out to your community and raising funds, you will need a well-developed plan. I know from past experiences that you need information about your organization or venture to give to people from whom you are seeking donations. You should also provide a means of communication such as your e-mail address or a phone number for people to contact you in case they have questions. I believe communication is a key element in fundraising. People should never have to try to figure things out on their own, because they may become frustrated. You should make it a point to work closely with everyone involved and give them all the information they need to support your fundraiser.

Always be positive and have fun, and you will become successful in whatever you want to achieve!

This blog was written by Lauren, a World Connect Youth Advisory Board Member