Kids to Kids Australia

Building a library in the Dominican Republic: Target $500

Fundraisers Funky Aussies are Mariah, Olivia, Samuel and Lucinda

On Sunday March the 28th 2009, the funky Aussies organised to have a stall at the Weerama Festival in Werribee, Australia, to raise awareness, and as a bonus maybe get a donation for Kids to kids. It was a very long but a very successful day. As people walked passed our stall, we grabbed their attention to tell them about our project and what Kids to Kids is all about. As we did this, people were very happy to donate and as a result we raised $500.  With the help of Reclink, an organisation which rebuilds lives through sports and arts, the total amount raised was $1,000!

“I (Mariah) really enjoyed letting people know what kids to Kids was all about and seeing their reactions.”

“I (Olivia) really liked telling people about kids to kids and making the banner.”

“I (Samuel) liked counting the money and painting the banner.”

“I (Lucinda) loved talking to people about kids to Kids and Making the banner.”