Last fall a men’s and women’s HS soccer team in Connecticut put on a Fall Olympics and raised $500 to start a girls soccer team for orphans in Belize.

Here’s what their coach had to say: Upon hearing about the Kids to Kids project my team immediately became interested in supporting the girls from Belize. We worked to organize a fundraiser we called the "Fall Olympics." Our athletes went to local businesses and restaurants to receive donations to act as prizes and teams raised money to "pay to play" in the Olympics. We had over a dozen teams competing representing countries from all over the world including, Italy, Brazil, Greece, and of course, Belize. The athletes competed in crazy events such as: blind-folded dribbling, crab-walk relay, shoe kick, and world cup. All of the athletes had a wonderful time competing , they were able to win unbelievable prizes and at the end of the day everyone felt great about supporting a worthwhile cause. Here are pictures of the athletes competing in their countries' "uniform".

It has been a pleasure working with Kids to Kids in such a worthy cause!  Thank you for organizing the connections between us here in Connecticut and the girls in Belize. We look forward to working with you again in the future!