It all started with one soccer ball...In 2006, 4 girls from Wayland, MA took a trip to the Dominican Republic. While visiting an elementary school, they were stunned to find hundreds of kids at the school with access to exactly ONE piece of sports equipment: an old, well-worn medicine ball that the kids used to play soccer. It was that experience, and especially that ball, that the girls continue to use as a symbol for talking about how Kids to Kids Members can change the world by raising awareness and funds in their communities for Kids to Kids projects.

Every 4 years, the World Cup captures the attention of kids and adults all over the world. It shines a spotlight on soccer (futbol!) and exemplifies the ability of sports to build bridges between different cultures and nations. It also showcases the pride, passion, leadership, good sportsmanship and teamwork of the players, qualities that are vital to the development of youth around the world. Kids to Kids is dedicated to making sure EVERY kid has an opportunity to develop these qualities by supporting youth sports camps, teams and leagues all over the world. Kids to Kids' sports projects provide so many kids with the opportunity to wear their first jersey, compete in their first tournament, discover a passion for new sports and develop those important qualities critical to their development and their future. With the world in the midst of World Cup fever, there's no better time to acknowledge that kids and sports can, and DO, change the world. Who knows? Perhaps the next big World Cup star will get his (or her!) start in a Kids to Kids project!!!

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