I think that the most memorable part of our trip to the Dominican Republic was playing with the children at the sand dunes. When we went to the DR I thought we would only interact with the kids at the schools that we were giving to, but it turned out to be so much more than that. There were sand dunes across the street from where we were staying, and one day we decided to head ove rthere. We met somer eally sweet little kids and played duck duck goose, tag, soccer, and baseball. It was amazing how even though we didn't speak spanish we could understand what they were saying. We communicated not through our voices but our hands. When we came home people asked us, "How did you even talk to the kids though?" and I kind of had to think about it. We had no trouble understanding what the kids were saying. It was like we came up with a whole new language, one that everyone could understand.

Also, after thinking about it, I realized that what made the trip so important for the Dominicans was not that we gave them supplies (although they loved them.) The kids just loved meeting new people and getting to know kids who wanted to help them. Although sending supplies to the DR is thoughtful the expirience is not as powerful. I am so excited to go to the Dominican Republic next year!