Mothers Acting Up, one of our favorite mother groups, recently featured an article from World Connect supporter, Anne Haney. Read below for Anne's thoughts on our Kids to Kids program. Anne is the mother of two of the founders of Kids to Kids and had the opportunity to visit projects in action for the first time this summer in El Salvador. Here is what Anne had to say:

I’m the mom of Julia and Amelia who, along with their two best friends, Emily and Sarah, started a kids’ initiated charity, Kids to Kids. Kids to Kids now reaches 10 countries and is an official program of World Connect.

This year was the first time I tagged along on one of their trips to visit some projects Kids to Kids supported in El Salvador. It was wonderful to see my daughters in action: jumping rope with children whose lives were changed on account of the grants their school received, enjoying a meal with a Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV), testing their Spanish out on the locals…

One of the most touching moments of the trip was when we visited the town of La Palma. The PCV’s, Mica and Casey, had received a Kids to Kids grant award to help a very small school develop a music program-specifically, generating interest in a traditional Salvadoran instrument, the marimba.

When we arrived at the school, the music teacher and his pupils began playing some traditional tunes for us. It was even more touching when the director of the school described, tearfully, how she had dreamed her entire life of starting such an arts program. The students described how they were looking forward to showcasing their new talents at the upcoming local festival. Later, some of the students welcomed us into their home and sang for us.

This was only one moment in many but it was clear to me that Kids to Kids empowered these kids in La Palma; allowed them to feel the confidence to express themselves and created a sense of joy and pride in the community. I was a proud mom and am now looking forward to my next Kids to Kids excursion.

We're looking forward to it too! To view the full post on the Mothers Acting Up blog, click here.