Saturday at the Ashoka Youth Venture Summit in Miami was an action packed day.  I went to many interesting workshops that I found relatable to Kids to Kids.  Photo Diplomacy was one example.  We were able to meet with people from another non-profit organization and learn about how they were helping kids in third world countries as well.  These people from Dog Meets World take pictures of kids in the developing world and then give them their photo.  Most of these kids had never known what they looked like, because they did not have mirrors or cameras.  They love to see what they looked like now!

Emily, another K2K Member, and I also presented a workshop Saturday.  We talked about Kids to Kids and how an idea grew to be the Kids to Kids program today.  We also gave a background on Kids to Kids and informed the kids at our workshop about what Kids to Kids is all about.  Emily and I also explained the process of S.N.A.P.: scale, needs, assets, and partners to the other young social entrepreneurs.  We walked them through the process we went through to develop Kids to Kids as an organization.  In the end, my trip to Miami was an amazing experience for me because I learned that yes, I am a kid but HEY!…I can change the world!