Just to tell you a little about myself, my name is Lauren and I am thirteen years old.  I live in Rhode Island and I attend Bay View Academy.  Kids to Kids was my first charity project. 

I was recently accepted into the National Junior Honor Society. A big part of induction into the National Junior Honor Society is doing a charity project.  I wanted to do something big that would help many people who were less fortunate than me.  I have always loved kids, so when I heard of Kids to Kids, I knew that I had found the perfect project.  After I had an organization to sponsor, I began to plan a jeans and sneakers day at my school.  Every student who wanted to dress down instead of wearing his or her uniform would have to pay a minimum of two dollars to the charity. 

It was a big success!!!  I raised six hundred dollars!!! I also received large donations from companies, friends and family.  I wrote letters to everyone I knew and asked for donations.  In the end, I raised about three thousand dollars and was able to sponsor six projects.  I am very happy that I helped so many kids and gave them great opportunities that they will enjoy and remember forever!