A few weeks ago, Kids to Kids had its March 2010 grant review. Old and new faces sat together to review grants and talk about the future of Kids to Kids.

In this meeting, we reviewed 56 grant applications from El Salvador, Costa Rica, Belize, and Dominican Republic! Projects were rated based on which were the most fun, which provided a valuable educational experience, and which would provide a lasting impact on the lives of less fortunate kids around the world. Here's a photo of the rating sheet we use!

Besides reviewing and rating projects, we also discussed what Kids to Kids would look like in the future. We talked about sponsoring projects from Ecuador and parts of Africa (Rwanda and Mali)! Not only did we discuss the expansion of Kids to Kids, but we also talked about another way to help kids get involved. The kids at the March grant review meeting discussed and put forward suggestions for our newest feature on the website: online voting!

Finally, we all discussed our different plans for National Kids to Kids day (April 30th). 2010 is the first year of National Kids to Kids day, so everyone was eager to give helpful suggestions about potential fundraisers.