On a humid June 11th, Kids to Kids had its June 2010 grant review. Familiar faces sat around the table discussing ideas for the future of Kids to Kids and rating the many exciting new grants we received.

In this meeting, we reviewed 92 grant applications (our biggest batch yet!) from El Salvador, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Belize, Rwanda, Dominican Republic, Morocco, Peru and the Philippines! Projects were rated based on their level of fun, which provided a valuable educational experience and which would benefit and impact the kids lives for the longest and to the fullest extent.

Other then rating and reviewing the many grants we received, we also discussed the future of Kids to Kids. With the new countries now involved such as Morocco, we began to discuss the possibilities of our future. My particular favorite grant proposal was one from Morocco. It was about screen printing and how the kids were interested in making their art into something they and many others could benefit from. We also discussed the our online voting option on the website and pushed for more voters before the polls close on June 30, 2010.

- Amelia