From Trash to Treasure: Arts and Traditional Clothing with a Twist! brought a youth recycling fair to a rural town in northwest Peru. Youth from 19 small schools in the region gathered together to share and show off their work as "environmental police" and participate in this first-of-its-kind experience. According to the Peace Corps Volunteer who worked with local community leaders to organize the fair, the project was a complete success:


"We were completely surprised by the amount of community members that came to see the students' projects. At some points during the day there were over 500 people in the park to see the students! We were able to bring the students' projects, our [community-based] organization and the idea that we are all responsible for the environment to the forefront of the community's mind."

There were two elements to the project. First was an exhibition where students presented their art and environmental projects. Some students presented their work in composting and reforestation, while others presented and sold jewelry made from recyclable materials. One student performed a poem about the "abuse of water" to a crowd of over 500 people!

The second element of the project was a fashion show where students displayed traditional clothing they had created from recyclable materials, previously destined for trash bins. This type of fashion show is popping up all over communities impacted by Kids to Kids! The following projects also included or inspired wildly successful and fun kid fashion shows:

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