My trip memory is from when we were in the nutrition center with Sister Catherine. A little girl was drawing with me and then she asked me how to draw a "casa" or house. So, withought thinking I drew a classic American home: it was a square with 4 windows, two above and two on the bottom, a door, and a triangle for a roof. When I asked to see if it was what she wanted, she looked very confused. I then realized that that is not what a house is to her at all. She wanted me to draw a house witha closet and a bed, and then it became clear to me what different lives we lead. She, on one hand, has the idea that a house is a one room four walled structure with a door, closet, and bed, while I think of a house as having multiple floors, and many rooms. I think that that is the moment on the trip when I realized how different we were from the kids we were helping.