Action for Women Bakery Expansion

Year: 2017
Country: Rwanda
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $8,476.19

Project Launch: 3-22-18

This project will expand the existing Action for Women Bakery (AWB) in Nyabisindu, Rwanda, funding two major items that could be the catalyst to making AWB’s future of increasing sales and sustainable net profits entirely realistic: a commercial grade mixing machine and continued leadership/financial training for a team of five staff. With increased capacity and logistical potential, AWB stands to become a significant part of Kigali's local business community, creating further social and economic opportunities for Rwandan women. 

Project Update: 7-13-18

Nearly 12,000 baked goods have been sold. 5 project participants have received business management training and refresher orientations. 2 project participants received baking apprenticeships with a partnering bakery to better acquaint themselves with baking operations and logistics. 

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