Project Launch: 1/13/17

Drawn together by friendship and a desire to support their families, three Zambian women decided the best way to supplement their households' income would be to open a dairy farm. This project calls for the purchase of several cattle as well as logistic supplies to help these female entrepreneurs run their own independent cattle farming business. Profits from the operation will be used to pay the school fees of their children.

Project Update: 5/22/17

The women had a meeting and decided to divide the business into 3 smaller businesses (decollectivizing them) so that each person would be responsible for their own accounting and profit making.  They decided to continue doing group meetings and trainings, but each women would be responsible for her own independent business. Since then, the women seem happy being in control of their own buying and selling, though they understand it will take longer to make more of a profit.  They continue to meet as a group to discuss challenges, successes, budgeting and management tips and anything else related to the business and women's empowerment.


“As a Peace Corps Volunteer, it has been an honor to work with this women's club and to connect them with World Connect. I admire these women's desire to take control of their financial situation in a mostly patriarchal/male dominated society. They have all been very serious about doing the best job they can as the purpose of this project is the raise money for their children's school fees. I have seen the children admiring and supporting their mothers in this journey, and I am really excited to see what happens in the next few months. Peace Corps and World Connect have both been a great help when dealing with challenges and I will continue to stay in close touch with both organizations as we move forward.”
Elizabeth, Peace Corps Volunteer

“I am proud of the job me and the other women are doing. Though we have faced difficulties, Choolwe (Elizabeth, PCV) has always encouraged us to keep going and growing the business. We realized that because the price of beef changes that we have to try buying and selling different things. We did not realize this when we started. After the first cow, I have sold goats, chickens, chitenge (African wax print fabric), chickens, fritters (donuts), and now kapenta (small dry fish from Lake Kariba). I want to keep working on this project with Choolwe so I can raise money for my children's school.”
Kezia, Project Leader

“Now at least I am making some money and growing my business. It is slow but Choolwe says to have patience. I have sold chickens and cabbage and my children are helping me. I thank God for this opportunity.”
Loster, Project Participant

“Since selling the cow, I have sold chickens. My son has helped me. I like learning about how to budget because I did not know how to do that before. It is good for me to do my own business so I am not just asking my husband for money. Thank you.”
Gertrude, Project Participant

Project Investment:

Year: 2016 Country: Zambia

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