Project Launch: 12/20/16

Eastern Visayas faces threats from periodic typhoons which cause significant damage and fatalities, devastating communities and livelihoods. These cyclones strike with ferocious regularity and severely affect coastal communities that lack mountains or other natural features to protect them. This project proposes the creation of a campaign to better shore up mangroves which offer natural protection against storm surge and reduce erosion from cyclones. Mangroves will also break the effects of stormy winds, providing some cover for villages. As a component of the effort, the local communities will be trained in how to prepare for disasters and reduce their vulnerability to natural hazards.

Project Update: 5/8/17

Planning is on schedule. The community has contacted pertinent officials, trainers, speakers, and others in anticipation for the diaster mitigation camp. The three day curriculum is in preparation as are local lodgings for attendees who are coming from a distance.

Final Report: 5/19/17

Students showed an increase of 25% based on pre and post-quizzes based on subjects taught by the presenters. The students were also able to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of how to properly wrap several types of wounds so that the wounds would be covered to prevent infection and to ease any bleeding until the victim is able to be transported to a Rural Health Unit or to a hospital. Participants created their own environmental protection signs that are to be hung in public places around Palapag. They also designed their own container gardens from 1.5 liter soda containers. The students filled the containers with soil and chose from 4 common vegetables that are often eaten for meals. Participants planted 300 mangrove seedlings in an area that needed erosion protection.


“Chelsea has been working very hard for this camp. She is always available to answer questions from myself and the community members. She has set weekly goals that we are able to accomplish together. I am very excited about this camp and I can’t wait to see how everything turns out.”
Magie, Project Participant

“This camp has been slowly coming together and I am very excited to see how this all pans out. I am also excited to see what my community, LGU staff and most importantly, what the students think at the end of this camp. ”
Chelsea, Peace Corps Volunteer

“I can’t wait to attend Ma am Chelsea’s Camp! I’m glad I will be able to go in the summer when there is no school. ”
Mery, Project Participant

“This camp looks exciting and fun. I’m excited to learn and to meet new people. Ma am Chelsea was nice and let me bring my brother, too.”
Ricardo, Project Participant

“Ma am Chelsea told us about the camp and I think I will learn a lot about where I live. I am most excited about planting mangroves. I have never done it before and I hope to learn.”
Jenica, Project Participant

“The children are now ready when it comes to typhoons and other storms. They can also help their families so that the damage to their family is less because the children can help with wounds that could be infected if not treated. The children and their families can now have other forms of food that will save them money because they can now grow their vegetables and other foods from simple containers. They don’t have to waste the gas or money by traveling to the market outside of town.”
Jennifer, Project Participant

“I have learned a lot about the disasters that happen to Palapag and Mapanas. Now I can help my sisters and brothers if they get hurt after a typhoon or earthquake. I didn’t know all the ways to use the bandage that the Red Cross gave us but now I’m really good and can help my family if they get hurt.”
Enemie, Project Participant

Project Investment:

Year: 2016 Country: Philippines

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