Project Launch:

Chicas Poderosas is an educational empowerment program for adolescent girls. The camp is comprised of anti-bullying, positive decision-making, life planning, and health modules that are designed to orient and nurture the growth of participants amid the challenges of the teenage years. This project proposes the funding for an itineration of the camp for 20 girls living in Colonia Libertad in rural Costa Rica.

Final Report: 8/7/17

26 girls attended the camp which addressed themes such as self esteem, decision making, professional development, and life planning. Nutrition, establishing positive habits, community mapping, and identity mapping were also covered by this unique enrichment opportunity in order to provide a foundation through which camp participants could better understand and care for themselves and their communities.


“The Chicas Poderosas camp was a very impactful event for the young women of the community and 2 nearby communities. As mentioned many times, the group that was the most impacted was the older group of girls who helped facilitate the camp. They gained skills in preparing lessons, developing activities, and facilitating sessions; these were things they had never in their lives done before and they executed each session and activity in an excellent manner. All of the girls were provided with an open and judge free zone to express things that many of them never had spoken about before like questions about sexual health or revealing their insecurities both physical and personal to everyone in the group. They were also given many opportunities to lift each other up which was very uncommon for them. They expressed how they were used to being competitive and judgmental and the camp helped them see the good and beautiful in their neighbors. After the camp was over I heard amazing comments from moms, aunts, and sisters about how they saw a huge boost in confidence in the girls and a sense of community and unity at school. ”
Aimee, Peace Corps Volunteer

“It was a very beautiful and special experience to be able to share and be with the different girls from the community and I feel they feel the same way and that is very impactful that the girls feel like someone cares about them and is paying attention to them. I felt like we were our own community for three days, making our own decisions and being who we wanted to be; maybe this is something that the girls never get a chance to do in their own homes. It went really well for us because we were able to communicate all of the themes we wanted to cover and each girl seemed interested and was participating. I know something that I learned was how to value who I am as a Costa Rican woman and also how to relate to other girls instead of speak badly of them without knowing them. I think that was a big concept of the weekend and maybe the biggest lesson that each girl walked away with. It was a very great opportunity for everyone to get to know each girl better and understand better of who they are and where they come from, and also, where they want to go in the future. I am very happy I got to help lead this amazing camp.”
Stefany, Project Participant

“The camp was an amazing experience and very beautiful. I learned a lot about myself and other girls from my community. It was very nice to share with the girls my experience of being a young mother and some of my triumphs and challenges. We ate a lot of food which was really nice and everything was delicious. Every discussion was very important and interesting and we all learned new things. Even though the camp was dedicated for the younger girls to learn, I feel like we learned a lot about ourselves during the process. I learned to be so egotistic by not thinking so much in myself and getting out there to help others in whatever I can. I made a lot of new friends during the camp which i didn't think would happen since people see me different because I have a baby. And I was really satisfied that I was able to get to know Aimee better not only as a woman but as a friend and community member.”
Rosa, Project Participant

Project Investment:

Year: 2016 Country: Costa Rica

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