Chipunga TX Library and Resource Center

Year: 2020
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $6,581.38

Project Launch: 1-6-20

The Mzuzu Entrepreneur Hub will construct a library and resource center that will benefit students, teachers, youth, and other community members around Chipunga, Malawi. The facilities will provide access to information through academic materials, Sexual Productive Health rights (SRHR) materials, and entrepreneurship and technology resources. This will support students in their academic pursuits and holistic development. For the community, access to information on SRHR and business management will help the members make informed decisions on issues that can potentially sustain and improve their livelihood. The project will benefit 56 students enrolled at the school and over 2,000 people from the surrounding community.  

Project Update: 4-1-20

Despite the heavy rains and poor road conditions that they encountered, Mzuzu Entrepreneur Hub (E-Hub) and the Chipunga Community have completed moulding 4,100 soil stabilized bricks for construction of the library. Motivated by the vision to have their first ever library, community members have been highly involved, bringing sand and providing labor towards the construction. The foundation has been completed and the walls are under construction. Through the project, Mzuzu E-Hub has reached out to 52 students through mentorship and motivational talks as a way of enhancing their studies. In response to the project, Karonga Diocese of the Catholic Church and Nkhatabay District Council have jointly constructed a borehole at the school which is the major water supply for students and surrounding community members, highly impacting their ability to access clear and safe water.

Final Report: 12-31-20

Using $6,581.51, Mzuzu Entrepreneur Hub partnered with Chipunga Community to construct a 14.8-meter library that is supporting 57 secondary  students and community members around Chipunga Community Day Secondary School in Nkhatabay. The two-roomed building will be used as a library and a computer lab. Through the community organization, the project received a donation of literature books from Alinafe Online which will be utilized by the community and students to enhance their reading culture and access to information. In addition, the 57 students enrolled at the school were supported with inspirational and career talks sessions conducted by the project officer and young entrepreneurs within the hub community. Among others, they learnt how to define the purpose of life and career options available both locally and internationally and aimed at preparing for life after school completion. As a result of the project, on February 04, 2020, Nkhatabay Constituency in partnership with Karonga Diocese installed a borehole at the school worth $5,333.33 to provide water for the construction of the library and enable students and surrounding community members access clean and safe water easily. This investment is essential as the school did not have a source of water and students travelled long distances seeking water for use.

As an additional investment to the project, Mzuzu E-hub conducted COVID-19 awareness and sensitization campaigns where community members gained accurate information on preventive measures of the pandemic. The organization procured and distributed soap and hand sanitizers worth $333.33 to enhance handwashing among 267 people out of which 92 were women, 130 were children, and 30 were men.