Project Launch: 1/31/18

This grant will be used to provide resources and trainings for community health volunteers  - Safe Mothers Action Groups -- so that they can provide the best possible care to pre and post delivery Mothers.

Libuyu Clinic is a busy facility serving a community of 19,185 patients. Some of the villages in more remote zones are located at significant distances from the central clinic location (up to 35km) which can be especially challenging for the provision of ongoing pre and postnatal care. At any time 22% (4221) of the served population is comprised of expectant mothers, many of whom are facing significant daily challenges related to care of extended family, health, finances, housing etc. 

This funding will provide necessary tools and trainings for a very engaged and motivated network of Safe Mothers Action Groups. These groups provide a range of pre and post delivery services to improve maternal health outcomes and reduce infant mortality. Part of the ongoing success of this program is being able to recognize the early signs of stress and maternal depression, assist patients with better coping skills and reduce the incidence of postpartum depression which places mothers, babies, and children at significant risks during a critical time for the family. 

Project Investment:

Year: 2017 Country: Zambia

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