Project Launch:

This project will develop a women’s community garden in Fass, Senegal. The project will be managed by a local women’s collective, providing education, leadership opportunity, and income-earning potential to Fass’ female population. In addition, better access to nutrient-rich vegetables will encourage healthier diets over time among community members. Eventually, the women’s group hope to expand the garden after generating income from selling their crops.

Progress Update: 3/7/2016

The women have harvested the first crop of bitter tomatoes, creating revenues that have allowed them to plant new crops such as onions, lettuce, cabbage, and eggplant. Other selections include hibiscus and chou. This season, the participants will prepare their first ever custom-made batch of fertilizer for use in the garden.


"A empowering, grass-roots level gardening project that has meaningful impact on the lives of the garden members and their families." - Brian, Peace Corps Volunteer

"It is important to teach these women how to have a skill and to earn an income. I think teaching them planting, weeding, watering, compost and all the elements of gardening is very important." - Abib, Project Leader

"I like working together with other women in the village and having more income." - Hadja, Project Participant

"It is good to work together, spend time together and have an income." - Aissatou, Project Participant

"I like working together, not having to go to the market as often and having some income." - Jenabou, Project Participant

Project Investment:

Year: 2016 Country: Senegal

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