Project Launch: 2/17/17

Felicidad, Ejercicio, Salud (Happiness, Exercise, Health in English) is a community group composed of residents of San Ignacio that hopes to promote healthy lifestyles. A local female gym owner has hosted a number of fitness classes at her location and elsewhere in town in conjunction with the group. However, a lack of capital has prevented her from expanding her operation, acquiring more equipment, and leading more classes. This project seeks startup capital to expand the gym business and facilitate the growth of FES.

Project Update: 3/30/17

All gym equipment has been purchased and interest in signing up for classes has expanded rapidly among villagers, bringing new participants to the outdoor courses. Efforts now focus on developing a curriculum and set of courses to harness this increased demand.

Final Report: 5/9/17

The community exercise activity in the park was a great success. 20 residents participated in the activity. This event served as the perfect platform to introduce community members to new types of exercises that will lead to increasing their physical fitness and also as an invitation for more people to become members of F.E.S. and exercise regularly.


“Denia has always been motivated to continue working towards improving herself and her group. With the opportunity to purchase new equipment through a World Connect grant, I am super excited to see the continued development of this group. The day of our community activity was incredible. I was amazed at the excitement of the group members when they saw all the new equipment. For them having the opportunity to train with weights and resistance bands is a whole new experience and it is humbling to see how grateful they are.”
Jessica, Peace Corps Volunteer

“I want to thank you all as an organization in supporting us. For me, this project has been a huge blessing and a very special gift that I have received this year, 2017. I want to thank you from here, where I am, in Costa Rica. Infinite thanks for collaborating with us. We are all very happy, especially me because now I can work many areas of the body that we weren't able to beforehand. You are all now part of our group's story, our group that is called F.E.S., Felicidad, ejercicio, salud, (happiness, exercise, health) and what these words say is how we are as a group. Every day we radiate the illusion of continued progress and to continue reaping the benefits in our health.”
Denia, Project Leader

“All my life I have liked exercising. I run 5 days a week, sometimes 4, but I have never been able to accomplish what I have with my group F.E.S.. I have always been very depressed but in 2014, I reached my limit and I had to get help from a psychologist because I was having very strong emotional problems. My appointments were every 15 days. Nothing excited me. I cried day and night. Nothing seemed beautiful. I would spend an entire day without seeing my 2 treasures (2 children) because I was only able to cry and cry alone in my bedroom. One day I was walking through town when I saw Denia and she told me that she was teaching aerobics classes in her home. Days passed before I was able to make myself go but I did it and I started to feel better and better. My will to live and my state of mind were completely different, even in my illness things were changing. I have systemic lupus and I started out taking 3 pills a day, now I only take 1 and a half. I also have not had an appointment with my psychologist for 6 months because I feel better than ever.”
Ivannia, Project Participant

“For me it has been a motivating experience, actually like an escape from a fast paced lifestyle. The group in like a family that motivates you to go to class every week. Denia is a great instructor that creates great motivation and has a personality that agrees with us all. Now with the donation of this training equipment, the group is much more motivated. A huge thanks to the organization that donated the items.”
Sergio, Project Participant

“I really enjoy doing physical activities with Denia as often as I can during the week. I have been a part of the group F.E.S. Felicidad Ejercicio Salud for about 2 years. This is the name we gave our group. Exercise is very important for me because it helps me physically and mentally to live each day with optimism.I am a breast cancer survivor and joining this group is the best thing that has happened to me. Thank you for everything and we will put to good use the weights, resistance bands, and everything.”
Nubia, Project Participant

Project Investment:

Year: 2016 Country: Costa Rica

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