Project Launch: 1/10/17

A women-led 15 member economic cooperative in Southern Costa Rica has spent over six years selling agricultural wares at a local community market. As the group has grown, so have its ambitions. This project seeks the purchase of cooking supplies, food service materials, and a microwave so the cooperative can operate its own kitchen to serve food to patrons at the community market. The revenues from the operation will allow members to earn a profit and grow their enterprise over the course of the next year.

Project Update: 5/9/17

Almost all of the items have been purchased. Since purchasing new items for the women's kitchen, productivity and efficiency has improved immensely. A new shelving system has been completed and installed, now providing the women more space to cook, prepare food, and organize their kitchen materials.


“The shelving system that was installed in the kitchen has made a huge improvement to the overall space. As one of the main chefs in the kitchen, I know know where everything is and have much more space to cook and prepare food.”
Erika, Project Participant

“I feel like we have all improved the way we make and present our food to the customers after your training. Erika (one of the members) has improved tremendously. ”
Cristina, Project Participant

Project Investment:

Year: 2016 Country: Costa Rica

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