Project Launch:

In Sarapiqui, Costa Rica, ASOMOTUR, a cooperative of 10 local women entrepreneurs has its eye on expansion. The area receives visits from tourists, both local and foreign, and the talented businesswomen would like to offer their native wares to these visitors. This project seeks to fund the erection of a semi-permanent establishment so the women can set up a stall and show case their goods at the regional fair, an event that could offer them the chance to market to new audiences, increase sales, and raise their profile in the process.

Progress Update: 2/28/2017

The women of ASOMOTUR have purchased a large tent in which to host their market stall. They have attended their first market since the project's launch and will be working on business management training as the next phase of their development.

Final Report: 4/3/2017

The end of the project has allowed the women to consider their goals and business plans. 5 members of the cooperative received entrepreneurship and business management training and the cooperative has sold products at two fairs.


"Working with such a wonderful, kind-hearted group of women has made this project one of my most rewarding projects during my Peace Corps service." - Beth, Peace Corps Volunteer

"I am very happy, very well executed. It is something I have always wanted but wasn't able to have but now we do thanks to you all. I feel very good and am very happy. I want to continue working and building on what we have." - Ana, Project Leader

Project Investment:

Year: 2016 Country: Costa Rica

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