Her Voice Matters at Kabuga High School

Year: 2018
Country: Rwanda
Project Status: Unfunded
Impact Sector: Education
Investment Needed: $4,891.88
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Project Launch: 12-28-18

This project, Her Voice Matters at Kabuga High School, takes a novel approach to tackle gender inequity, using literature as a catalyst for women and girls to think critically about themselves and their societies. 

Her Voice Matters will target girls and young women through a nine-month program held at Kabuga High School, a government secondary school in a rural area. The school will carefully select thirty girls who are at risk of dropping out and four teachers to be trained to run the program. The program will consist of weekly reading, discussion circles and monthly training on leadership skills. Each week, girls and teachers will come together in designated safe spaces to discuss chapters from the pre-assigned book or reading material. They will discuss its relevance to their lives and reflect on the group’s questions, reflections, and shared learnings. On a monthly basis, Generation Rise Volunteers will spearhead training sessions on topics such as leadership and goal setting, which are designed to empower the girls to aspire to higher education and leadership careers. 

This project will empower girls and women to ask questions and voice their opinions on issues that determine their futures and the futures of their communities. It aims to transform the imbalance of opportunities between girls and boys in Rwanda by challenging young women’s positions in their communities to help them find the confidence and aspiration they need in order to achieve their dreams.