Project Launch:

Los Chorros is a rural community that does not yet have stable access to electricity. The community remains largely without any power due to its inaccessible, remote location. This project calls for the acquisition of solar panels to increase safety and local energy capacity in the settlement. This will enable individuals to carry out social, academic, and economic activities after nightfall, such as study and work.  

Progress Update: 3/2/2017

All of the solar panels have been installed, bringing 24 hour electricity to many families in Los Chorros. A community clean-up campaign has fomented more interest in resource management solutions in the village as residents recognized they could address community problems themselves.  


"With World Connect's help, I completed the most influential and rewarding project of my Peace Corps service. Through the project, I presented community members with information about environmental and social issues. In addition, I empowered them to purchase new solar panel kits for their homes. I am very thankful to have the opportunity to complete this project." - Nicholas, Peace Corps Volunteer
"The solar panel kit works great. I am thankful for the help my family received. In future projects, the community members should assume more responsibilities." - Francisco, Project Leader
"During the project, we learned a lot about environmental issues. They are important. We need to protect our resources." - Ariel, Project Participant
"The solar panel kit works well. Now, my kids and I have lights in our home." - Arcelia, Project Participant

Project Investment:

Year: 2016 Country: Panama

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