Project Launch: 1/26/17

In Zambia, 45% of children under the age of five are stunted, 15% are underweight, and 5% are wasted. This sad reality has motivated one rural village to develop its own comprehensive feeding program in accordance with a national model that is being rolled out to address malnutrition in Zambian children. This project calls for the purchase of 9 goats and starter seed stock in order to cultivate and raise potential sources of protein, macronutrients, and micronutrients for the area's malnourished children.


Project Update: 6/27/17

Seeds for the home gardens have been distributed to their participants so that cultivation of nutrient-dense plants can begin. In addition, it was decided that chickens will be used as the source of animal protein as they are easier to maintain and provide food outputs (eggs) more consistently than goats (milk).

Final Report: 8/9/17

The community held a four-day workshop and numerous follow-up meetings that covered permagardening, chicken management, nutrition and cooking demonstrations, Under 5 outreach, the Zambian government's card scheme to monitor the growth of children under 5 years of ages, maintaining a malnourishment register, counseling techniques, and monthly report writing. Swiss chard, cabbage, tomato, onion, carrot, and moringa seeds were distributed to all committee members who completed the workshop series and prepared garden plots for planting. Two egg-laying hens will be given to an elected committee member in each of the project's catchment zones.


“To continue the program, we have got the chickens. When the chickens start laying eggs, we’ll be selling eggs and giving some to the caregivers. Next, we have been provided seeds. We shall be doing gardens to get the vegetables. Some will be selling and we’ll be eating. Some will be for cooking demonstrations. What we should do with those volunteer workers who assist for Under 5 - we shall just continue working as volunteers since we have been trained by you, Self Help Africa, and the district. I shall be calling the whole IYCF for meeting so we discuss our program.”
Moses, Project Leader

“Our Infant and Young Child Feeding Committee Nutrition Program has been one of the highlights of my service. While it is hard to attribute impact on the nutritional status of our catchment area to this project (due to a range of other compounding factors, such as the seasonality of locally available foods, disease, income, etc.), I can attest to the capacity building of IYCF Committee members as a result of our project. Most specifically, all the malnourished children that now present at Under 5s are identified, counselled, and recorded for follow-up by IYCF members. In my opinion, this sense of empowerment and self-reliance is the key step to improving nutrition and overall livelihood in the long-run.”
Kate, Peace Corps Volunteer

“According to IYCF, infant and young child feeding, program, it is based on children under 5 years. This means children from 0-5 years. This program helps people to improve nutrition in the area. You are the first person to bring this program in the area. This program is very important and will help us. Especially for the pregnant women to know the right food they can feed their children. It also helps pregnant women to improve their nutrition, even when they have their babies. This program is well known in this area through Kate Nelson because you are the first person to bring this program to the area. We are thanking you so much, so that you can continue and help others in different countries. Thank you.”
Samuel, Project Participant

“They have helped the community so that these people have fought malnutrition – it’s not there. They’ve improved. The previous years, people didn’t know anything like how to feed the babies. By now they have known through Peace Corps and the community. To move forward we shall do cooking demonstrations in all the groups. It will help the community to know how to follow this program in their own homes so that they can prepare how to feed their baby.”
Aaron, Project Participant

“The IYCF program has helped the community. It has really helped the community because as you know we were facing a lot of malnourished children. The number of malnourished children was too high compared to now because the number has reduced. To put it in percentages: about 80% were malnourished. As of now it has at least reduced to 40% or 35%. It is an achievement.”
Fred, Project Participant

Project Investment:

Year: 2016 Country: Zambia

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