Project Launch:

Isla de Chira, Costa Rica is home to lush, beautiful tropical rainforests, some of the most intact in all of Costa Rica. A system of makeshift footpaths and dirt trails provides passage through stunning greenery and gorgeous vistas throughout the area. Popularizing the location for tourists, however, has been an area of work. This project seeks to establish a formal system of well-maintained trails, promoting the sustainable engagement of the area's natural resources by visitors and residents alike while also allowing local businesses to take advantage of the added influx of ecotourists.

Project Update: 5/8/17

Over the past three and a half months, the community has constructed four trails to form the Isla de Chira Trail Network. In addition, participants have begun working on the marketing and promotion of the trails to increase vistorship. There is now a Facebook page and a brochure.


“This project is the first huge win for the Isla de Chira Tourism Collective. We identified a goal -- to construct trails -- and set out to complete it together. With the assistance of World Connect and Parque Nacional Barra Honda, we have created a trail network that will have several benefits in the future. Not only will it showcase the natural beauty and wildlife of our community to visitors, it will also be additional source of income for the trail owners.”
Tory, Peace Corps Volunteer

“The trails network project has been of great impact for us, not only on a personal level, but also for the island because previously there were no trails. Now tourists have more options on the island and that could mean more time spent in total and greater income overall across the island. It is also an opportunity to train a guide and work hard to provide a better tourist experience. Additionally, it is an opportunity for other local guides on the island, because that they can develop as professionals and have a safe space to practice. The most beautiful thing about this project is being able to work as a team and that the island's entrepreneurs can rely on one another face the growth of tourism. It has also been great to explore the trails because every day we find new things. Our goals are to help counteract climate change so we have many trees to reforest the trail and protect it. We also want to take advantage of the trail for environmental education with the children of Chira Island in the future. And being able to give a first level tour will create unforgettable experiences in the visitors.”
Joaquin, Project Leader

“The reason I was interested in creating this trail was for nature. The idea is to continue to revitalize what we have, little by little, and show off what we have here to tourists who visit the island. This trail also gives us an opportunity to work, which is really important. be additional source of income for the trail owners.”
Giovanny, Project Participant

Project Investment:

Year: 2016 Country: Costa Rica

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