Project Launch:

Khogue is a small Sahelian community that is home to a thriving elementary school. The school's recent efforts to develop a garden as well as functioning bathroom facilities have been thwarted due to its lack of containment. Foraging goats have wreaked havoc on the school's limited vegetation and its bathrooms have fallen into disarray, the result of unmonitored community-wide use. This project proposes the construction of a wall to surround the school grounds as well as gates to control access to the site, providing security to the students and the grounds.

Progress Update: 2/16/2017

Construction is halfway complete. The community has mobilized around the project and hopes to complete it within a few months!

Final Report: 4/14/2017

The school wall is now complete! Aside from the containment the wall provides, the images and themes depicted upon it have already stoked new conversations about hygiene, sanitation, and disease transmission in Khogue. Work on assembling the garden is now scheduled for the later this year.


"Leading this project has impacted me in ways I never imagined. I can now say I have successfully managed a project internationally. I am thankful to World Connect for giving me the opportunity to
manage this project that has greatly impacted my community.  I am now confident that with the skills learned throughout my Peace Corps service I can do anything I set my mind to." - Melissa, Peace Corps Volunteer

"Thank you World Connect for once again giving us the funds to better our community. This school wall is much needed and will allow for many future projects." - Baba, Project Leader

"This project is so great because the community will be able to gain knowledge as well as create a sustainable garden!" - Madame Diop, Project Participant

"This school was built in the 60s. I was one of its first students. This school is very important to the community and to see it finally be secured with a wall makes me very happy. The paintings make me think an entire new school was built!" - Diam, Local Resident

"The wall is great because we can now have a sustainable functioning garden that doesn't get eaten by goats. I am the lead teacher for the school garden and every year we have to fight off animals from eating our produce. With the wall we no longer have to do that and the wall will protect the garden from wind and diseases. It's great!" - Mr. Faye, Local Teacher

"I LOVE IT! The school wall is increasing the development of our community by creating a safe environment for me and my fellow students. We used to have to cross the road to walk to a field to do sports. Now we can do sports inside our school grounds and don't have to worry about cars on the road. The murals on the wall make the school beautiful and raise awareness on important issues." - Coumba, Local Student

Project Investment:

Year: 2016 Country: Senegal

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