Project Launch: 2/2/18

Food security and re-establishing agriculture in rural Burundi have been part of Wings of Hope for Africa's mandate since 2011. In the aftermath of a violent civil war, food security is important for the Burundian people. The Kivumu Goat Project will run in conjunction with the Kivumu Garden Project and provide 10-12 goats to rural agricultural families. The goats will be bred and produce an average of two kids twice per year. Participants will gain milk, cheese or yogurt, a valuable supplement to their diets. In additional, goat manure will have the added advantage of serving as a fertilizer for local gardens. 

Final Report:

Wings of Hope has provided a donation of 10 goats to 10 families in need in Buterere. They can now nourish their families, fertilize their crops, and earn a modest income from the livestock. Goats are a valuable resource in Burundi. Each goat can be bred and will produce offspring that can be passed on to the next set of families. This is a self-sustaining model which will continue to benefit families and communities in Burundi.


“I am very happy to be selected as a beneficiary of the goat project. I have never owned my own livestock and this goat brings hope to our families. Thank you, World Connect.”
Carine, Project Participant

“I am thankful to Wings of Hope for Africa to operate in our community and help us overcome poverty. This goat will help my family to have milk, fertilize our crops, and it a treasure to us.”
Vincent, Project Participant

“I'm very happy to receive this goat, my life will never be the same. Thank you World Connect for the hope and smile you put on our faces.”
Janvier, Project Participant

Project Investment:

Year: 2017 Country: Burundi

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