Project Launch: 12/13/17

Kwameseikrom is a rural, agrarian community in the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana. For the past two years the community members, elders, chief and the community's Queen Mother have been passionate about their goal of creating the villages first public library and computer lab. Construction of the building began in early 2016, yet stalled due to limited financial resources. Recently, the Queen Mother, chief, and elders have helped raise local funds complete the construction of the building. Even with this community contribution, they still need assistance to finance the project.

The students and community members of Kwameseikrom are hungry to learn, yet do not have simple resources available to them such as books, computers, or a quiet place to study. The completion of the library and computer lab will enable them to enjoy a safe atmosphere to study, attend daily reading sessions, and take part in weekly computer trainings.

Project Update: 7/23/18

The construction of the Kwameseikrom Library and Computer Lab is nearly complete. The local mason has constructed all of the walls using cement blocks, created spaces for the windows and doors, built support columns in the front of the building, and has plastered 90% of the walls. The local carpenter has built the interior structure of the roof and used alum zinc roofing sheets to cover the building.


“Frederick has recently graduated from Senior High School and came back to Kwameseikrom to live with his family before pursuing training college or university. When he saw the build of the KSK Library and ICT he became very excited and reached out to Jamie Greene, the Established Field Partner, to seek more information. After learning that the ICT would hold computer courses, he found out how he could sign up for the first training. He also expressed interest in working with Jamie to learn how to become an instructor for future trainings. Frederick and Jamie meet once a week to practice on Jamie’s personal laptop and learn the content for the training. Frederick will be an assistant teacher in the first computer course with hopes of leading trainings on his own in the future. ”
Frederick, Local Resident

“Serwaa Eva is a 10 year old student in primary class 5 who would like to create a study group that can meet in the library once a week and on the weekends before exams. She has become a leader in her class and has presented her idea to the class to find out who is interested in joining her in the study group. Currently she has 6 other students who will join her. Serwaa explained that at home she does not have a desk to work and is excited for the opportunity to has a quiet place to focus on her work and meet with other students to help each other. ”
Serwaa, Student

“Elizabeth Kra is an elder farmer in the community who walks 5 km each way to her farm 4 times a week. She has expressed interest in becoming a librarian on the days that she does not go to farm. She explained that she has minimal training in reading but has taught herself and wants to continue improving. Elizabeth Kra said that she wished that she had a library in her community growing up, but is excited for the students of the community who will have this opportunity. ”
Elizabeth, Local Resident

Project Investment:

Year: 2017 Country: Ghana

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