Project Launch: 1/4/18

The community of Bandrani M'tsangani is rallying around the installation of a water reserve at its local secondary school. This school houses 900 students who come from over 10 different villages in the region. School leaders have worked towards providing a student-friendly environment by developing a library, cafe, and sanitation facilities. Unfortunately, the school's pit latrines are not in use because of a regional water problem. The closest water source is over 5 kilometers away and the lack of water causes many problems, including low student morale, poor sanitation, and a hostile school environment for female students. The goal of this project is to construct a rainwater reserve for the school in order to allow the facility to be more effective in meeting the needs of its students.

Project Update: 3/12/18

With enormous support and help from the entire school and greater community, the construction site was cleared and work successfully commenced. The foundation has been successfully installed and the cistern's eight walls are nearly finished.


“I have been really encouraged by the immense community involvement within our water project. People step forward to help out in any way they can, whether it be carrying boards, bringing juice to the construction workers, loaning construction tools, holding measuring tape, etc. Before I even can ask if the workers need anything, many times I find someone else has already stepped forward to help. The materials are all being transported locally. This ensures quick and reliable delivery of materials needed at the site. ”
Haley, Peace Corps Volunteer

“The project evolves quite positively. The laborers are reliable, working every day, even in the rain and even on Sundays sometimes. I take care of the worker's wellbeing and bring them snacks and drinks. I make sure they have a place to shower after working. I also have been working to communicate between material delivery and the construction team. I find that the school director has been enormously reliable, working late hours to ensure the project is evolving smoothly. In order to continue working at this pace, we will need more greater community involvement in terms of labor.”
Chakilati, Project Leader

“In order to live and study peacefully, students need ensured access to water. We students have a lot of trouble not having needed access to water. The toilets aren't clean and in the heat, this discourages student attendance. I work at the construction site because it is important to make sure students now and in the future can study in peace. ”
Soulhoudine, Project Participant

“We are working on a big water project at school. I come to help at the construction site because I want to help the school committee study better. We can study better if we have access to water. It is important for the entire school to come together and contribute towards the project. This way we can be all proud of what we accomplish. ”
Djaida, Project Participant

“I like working at the water project construction site because I like to work with my hands. It also feels good to help the school. We can see that the cistern is quickly being built because of all of our help. We are solving a big problem together. I am excited to see when we will have water at school. ”
Zaidou, Project Participant

Project Investment:

Year: 2017 Country: Comoros

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