Project Launch: 3/23/17

The Margarita Artisan Center provides a venue through which local Albanian artists and craftspeople can create and showcase their creations, connecting talent with fairs and other opportunities to interface with the public. The center would like to further expand and promote native crafts beyond the local fairs. This project proposes the creation of a comprehensive catalog designed to showcase the work of artisans. The catalog will be circulated before Albania's important tourist season and will allow connoisseurs of local art to have a better idea of what crafts and creations are for sale, creating the opportunity to increase income for the participating artists.

Project Update: 10/10/17

16 artisans agreed to be featured in the catalog. The project coordinators created a lightbox with the purpose of creating a better environment for capturing photos of the artisans' creations. Artisanal wares were professionally photographed over a three week period. Currently, the catalog is in its design phase and another session will be called with the artisans to finalize the layout. After providing their feedback, each participating artisan will pay his/her in-kind contribution and the catalog will be printed.


“The most striking element in the project was the way the project itself was planned and implemented. There was time for deliberation in order to provide quality. The approach to make the project happen was well chosen; it was possible to think and prepare about all the details in advance without allowing the enthusiasm and commitment of the participants fade. ”
Marius, Cultural Programs Promoter, Municipality of Berat

“The project is of a high quality. The pictures were captured and selected carefully and the designs are proving to be very professional. Myself and the members of the Artisan Center are very surprised at how well the project is being implemented. We have been invited to provide feedback at every phase of the project. ”
Adelina, Project Leader

“In the beginning, I did not have much faith in the impact of the project. We had dome some efforts before to build a catalog but the impact was not what we expected except for the wider promotion it provided. However, now I see that it is different. The catalog is being compiled professionally, every detail is being considered carefully, including marketing and sale management, that it makes me hopeful that the product will have an impact on our sales and income turnouts. ”
Lujleta, Project Participant

“As one of the project developers, it has been a pleasure to work with the artisans. It has been a collaborative effort as the artisans were especially engaged during the documentation of their products. Initially, it was difficult to explain the importance of being selective about which and how best to showcase their products. Once the artisans were convinced that quality should be given priority over quantity, it was easier in one sense and more difficult in another. Easier in that they were more willing to go with ideas that they hadn't tried before, and more difficult because the added enthusiasm led to more collaborative discussions about other possibilities that we could try. Although the project is not yet finished, it is wonderful to see the artisans already thinking about pursuing other possibilities that have arisen from the discussion and implementation of this project. ”
Miguel, Peace Corps Volunteer

“I have been in this trade for more than 15 years. I had little faith initially that something could be done to help us. But during the last year I have seen a series of initiative which have been aiming to help us, the artisans. This project I thing is the most qualitative project to date. I believe that it will improve our image as artisans, and the image of our profession, and at the same time it will impact positively our sales. ”
Aurel, Project Participant

Project Investment:

Year: 2016 Country: Albania

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