Project Launch:

Mbakhna is located in the Sahel away from cities or larger settlements. The lack of adequate medical care in the region is a function of the underdevelopment of the area's health huts which have fallen into complete disrepair. This project will renovate the village's health hut so that is able to provide services and medical attention to local residents more effectively.

Progress Update: 2/9/2017

The hut's exterior wall is nearly complete. Once the gates are added, work will begin on the community garden and shaded rest area.

Final Report: 3/7/2017

The health hut additions have been completed. The health hut has begun to emerge as a major social center of Mbakhna that will soon be able to better address the needs of local inhabitants.


"I am proud of this village. Everyone is putting his and her own in to see this project come to completion. I did not bring this. The people brought it to themselves. They make me proud." - Ashley, Peace Corps Volunteer

"The health hut is well. The health hut is enclosed with security now. People have a place to sit now. We can do our baby weightings and our women's discussions. This is very important." - Khady, Project Leader

"We may be poor people, but we can all do this together." - Village Chief Kaalidu Pam, Project Participant

"People are now coming!" - Coumba, Project Participant

Project Investment:

Year: 2016 Country: Senegal

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