Project Launch: 1/15/17

Some areas of rural Zambia record malaria prevalence rates in excess of 50%. Malaria is a leading cause of illness and death throughout much of Sub-Saharan Africa and the disease especially affects children, who are among the most susceptible to succumbing to the illness. This project proposes the construction and deployment of several custom-made mosquito traps designed to kill the mosquitoes responsible for transmitting malaria. It is hoped that additional sequestration of the vector (the mosquito) will lead to a sharp decline in the prevalence of malaria in the region.

Project Update: 4/27/17

Within two months of launch, the community began to purchase all required supplies to assemble the OVI traps. Parties in the local area have been engaged directly about malaria reduction and vector control. A census of the catchment area was carried out by community health workers to concoide with nationwide distribution of insectiicde treated nets slated for May. Number of households and sleeping spaces as well as incidence of malaria in each was collected and it was determind that at baseline 86% of individuals were positive for a malarial parasite.


“We are so excited to have support from our Zambian counterparts in the Provincial Health office, It means so much for our project to move forward, and to also ensure sustainability when service ends and the traps can hopefully be expanded and maintained to the level that helps to reduce Zambia's crippling Malaria incidence rate.”
Nathan, Peace Corps Volunteer

“I am proud to be a part of this innovative project. I've lost two family members to malaria, and I want so badly for other families and individuals to not have to suffer. As project leader, I will ensure that the project goes forward to plan, I will also help Nathan in communicating the finer points of the project to the people in the surrounding area, as his Bemba is getting better, but still needs help! He works very hard and it helps me to work hard as well.”
Anton, Project Leader

“I am so proud of Nathan and his wife, Brooke. They have come here from America with their knowledge and their help. I am so happy he is here. As a community health worker in Ndubeni village, Mutit catchment, I will help him anyway I can to make this project successful.”
Petronella, Project Participant

“As the HCC chairman, I am very happy that Nathan is here to help the community with our problem with malaria. He will help us to see a new way to fight this very serious problem. It is very serious here in Luapula. I want other Americans to come, they are so smart and helpful, and they understand our Zambian humor.”
Royd, Project Participant

Project Investment:

Year: 2016 Country: Zambia

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