Project Launch: 4/7/17

Musungu, Zambia has a large population that is geographically isolated and far from services. The nearest health clinic is a great distance away and residents must make considerable journeys to receive medical care, often 20 kilometers or more. This project seeks to convert an existing house in the community into a small health clinic, making use of the home's many rooms to serve as miniature wards, waiting rooms, and meeting spaces. The project also calls for a devoted pediatric ward in the construction plans to serve the area's infants and young children, a population group facing high mortality.

Project Update: 7/11/17

The Musungu community has shown incredible enthusiasm and participation in this project! They have finished molding and will soon fire 8,000 clay bricks and hand cut lumber to be used for the construction of the health post. Construction has begun with the help of three paid laborers hired from the community. A trench has been dug to construct the foundation walls and all of the material has been purchased for the project, including supplies for the construction of the health post as well as bike parts and a bag for the community health worker. Basic medication and knowledge of current health issues/warnings has been more readily available for community members. This has helped to combat the local responses to malaria, which is present.


“At this point the project is going by very smoothly. Community contribution is very strong as well as community business. We are fortunate that we are able to hire skilled skilled labor for making lumber and masons for the construction of the rural health post.”
Dennis, Peace Corps Volunteer

Project Investment:

Year: 2016 Country: Zambia

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