Project Launch: 1/17/17

Nangimbibi is composed of 84 households totaling 360 people. 46 households out of 84 are supported by the government. The community suffers from extensive soil erosion in the rainy season which often leads to hunger epidemics. Most community members do not possess an adequate amount of land to feed their families and as a result are only able to eat once a day or once every two days. Due to these challenges, the community has decided start a potato farming project. This project will provide funds the community will use to purchase land, potato seeds, and manure. With increased health and household income generated from potato harvesting, the community will set itself on the path to pursue other development initiatives and increase quality of life.

Final Report: 6/6/17

After a difficult first harvest season, with major setbacks such as heavy and destructive rains, the Nangimbibi potato project has built a more extensive mitigation strategy for unpredictable weather. The project helped the community raise funds to rent land and improve their harvests significantly. The harvest season allowed for community members to eat two meals per day. The potato business created funds for the community to buy 33 pigs for increased access to manure. A pig disease in the region means that the community will instead continue this tactic with sheep in the future. The excess funds risen by this project will be used to rent more land and buy sheep for every member in July. As a result of this project, the Nangimbibi community has seen tremendous increase in income and wellbeing.


“Community members met and reviewed their leadership committee so they could better decide on how to move forward with transparent leaders and ensuring effective financial management. Community members are doing well with their Irish potato growing and the success of this project has helped them to initiate a pig rearing project so that community members can get manure to fertilize their lands and sell some of the piglets to earn cash. Nangimbibi members are determined to work in strong cohesion so that together they can contribute to the achievement of their goal.”
Eric, Field Partner

“We have got now 33 pigs, which provide us manure, and we were able to start a saving group. Also, we continue our farming with Irish potatoes and sorghum.”
Faustin, Project Leader

“I am very happy to have learned how to work together, and I can pay the health insurance for all the family members. I got a pig and am part of the monthly saving group.”
Rumaziminsi, Project Participant

“Through the profit generated from the Irish potatoes harvest we bought pigs and get manure. I can save 500 francs (about US$.61) each month and plan to start buying a chicken for each community member this year.”
Augustin, Project Participant

“The first thing learned was to work together which even reduced households conflicts and everyone can contribute at home. We have a pig at home and know how to do modern farming and get manure from pigs.”
Damaris, Project Participant

Project Investment:

Year: 2016 Country: Rwanda

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