No Sex for Fish: 2020 Expansion

Year: 2020
Country: Kenya
Project Investment: $20,000.00
Project Status: Unfunded
Sector: Economic Opportunity

Project Launch:

On the strength of their perseverance and commitment to creating change for women and their communities, as featured by NPR Goats and Soda in December 2019 (see link above), World Connect will be working again with the No Sex for Fish Women Group to assess their impact, and any challenges and opportunities that have emerged over the last eight years. This project will support monitoring efforts, the building of new No Sex for Fish boats and repairs to existing boats, and the continued development of the cooperative and its ability to incorporate more women across more beaches, to amplify its important health advocacy, and to build towards sustainability in its business. 

*Please note, this project is in development currently, and while we usually do not post projects for funding at the early stages, the NPR feature built a lot of interest and support for the women and their work, so we've decided to create this page as a fund. We are committed to full transparency throughout the project development process for all supporters, and to sharing word of your support with the women*

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