Project Launch: 7/1/16

Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo is situated on the Rwandan border. The city has sought to redevelop its human capacity which was utterly devastated in the aftermath of extremely violent warfare that has rocked the region over the last two decades. This project proposes the construction of a new classroom to facilitate the empowerment of 25 Congolese youth at CAMME's Youth Inspirations Academy. With individualized attention, leadership development, and exposure to more rigorous education, youth from Eastern DRC will become key players in constructing a culture of peace and achievement in a historically tumultuous environment.

Final Report: 6/15/17

The project’s first and primary goal to create a classroom for the third grade at CAMME Youth Inspirations Academy was successful. Construction was completed on budget, there were no unexpected incidents, and all furniture was constructed without complications. The classroom has concrete floors and walls, paint, trim, stairs, windows, and doors, and it is capable of holding up to 60 students. Furthermore, 20 large desks, a teacher’s desk and chair, and a chalkboard were completed. This classroom will be used by 27 CAMME second graders in September 2017. CAMME is planning to continue building onto the school due to community requests and encouragement from the state education inspectors. CAMME hopes to expand to a secondary school.


“Eastern Congo is known as one of the most dangerous places in the world, but CAMME is truly a safe haven for kids. I’m really proud of the new classroom and excited for the future of the school.”
Rebecca, Peace Corps Volunteer

“This project has changed things for women because it has provided an available space for the children, especially in an area where there is not another a school like that.”
Stewart, Project Leader

“[We] are happy to have a beautiful and spacious class.”
Sammy, Project Participant

Project Investment:

Year: 2016 Country: Democratic Republic of Congo

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