Improving the Agricultural System

Year: 2019
Country: Rwanda
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $5,366.67

Project Launch: 5-8-19

The community of Rutare, Rwanda depends on Irish potato farming, livestock, trading, and mining for their livelihoods. The Rutare Village Farmers, an organization founded in 2015, was created to tackle issues surrounding Irish potato production. With this Word Connect grant, the organization plans to invest in more productive hybrid seeds, called Kigini seeds. 115 farmers will be given 70 kg of the Kinigi seeds to plant and grow. After three months, each participant will harvest and return 70kg of the hybrid seeds which will then be redistributed to other farmers. Through increased production and income generation, they aim to reduce malnutrition, feed their children three meals per day, and invest in helath insurance, school fees, and hygiene.

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