Project Launch: 8/5/16

This project will lead to the expansion of the maternity ward at Rwimitereri Health Center, which serves 25 villages in the Murambi sector. Specifically, a new delivery room, postpartum recovery and a prenatal care area will be built. Existing rooms will be converted into private consultation offices. Community Health Volunteers will lead workshops on the First 1000 Days program, which is an initiative led by the Rwandan government to reduce maternal and infant mortality. With additional infrastructure, supplies, equipment and educational programming, this project aims to better the quality of health care and improve the lives of the people in Murambi sector.

Project Update: 12/9/16

The exterior of the new maternity ward has been constructed. The community is seeking more external funding to finish the interior and to purchase necessary equipment.

Final Report: 6/6/17

The first phase of this project was purely focused on construction of the building. Construction was speedy and incredibly successful. The building will prove very useful in projected improved maternal health care. The only minor setbacks were due to weather; however, construction workers persevered.


“This project has been incredible! This is something my health center has wanted for a very long time. The feedback and dedication to complete this project has been amazing. Everyone is working extremely hard to finish this project. The trainings have also had a direct positive feedback on the people of the health center and community. Although the maternity ward is just a building, its a positive contribution to the people of Rwimitereri.”
Abby, Peace Corps Volunteer

“As the titulaire of the Health Center, I am very proud of this accomplishment for our community. This is giving more space for the staff of the health center and the women in our community. Having this new building will improve both our services and lives of the people of Rwimitereri. Without World Connect and our PCV this would have never been possible. We are so thankful and excited to see the impact of this project.”
Jonathan, Project Leader

Project Investment:

Year: 2016 Country: Rwanda

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